Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose Bm Health Care?
How Can I Trust The Quality Of Foreign Doctors And Hospitals?
How Can I Write To A Foreign Doctor?
Can You Choose Or Recommend Which Doctor/S And/Or Hospital/S We’re Going To Visit?
How Much Longer I Have To Stay At The Destination After My Procedure?
Can I Bring A Friend Or Relative? Will There Be An Extra Change?
Can I Buy Prescripted Drugs Abroad?
How Can I Pay For My Treatment?
Are Adjustments For Transportation And Hotels Within The Treatment Cost?
Will The Doctors Speak English?
Can My Disease Be Treated İn Turkey?
Why Should I Get My Treatment İn Turkey?
Can You Help Me Plan My Flight?
How Can I Go To The Hospital From Airport?
Can You Help Me About My Hotel If I Want To Stay Before My Treatment?
Can You Help Me With Housing And Car Rental?
Can I Get Translator And Health Support During My Treatment?
I Want To Travel Around Istanbul, Can You Help Me With That?
Can You Give Information About My Treatment To My Doctor In My Country?
I Completed My First Treatment İn The Hospital, Can You Help Me Stay Until My Next Appointment?
Will You Make My Hospital Appointments?
My Treatment Is Over, Can You Help Me About My Flight Planning And Transfers For Going Home?
I Want To Have A Holiday In Turkey After My Treatment, Will You Help Me Plan My Vacation?