Aesthetic Filling

The density of hyaluronic acid found naturally in the skin and under the skin decreases due to aging, negative effects of the sun, daily stresses and smoking. Collagen and elastin fibers are deformed. This situation causes the skin not to maintain its former elasticity, volume and tension.

Filling collapses and deepening of the facial folds, lines and wrinkles on the face, by filling the gold, it is ensured that they disappear or become less pronounced.

Filler injection is among the minimally invasive aesthetic applications. Wrinkle removal applications are generally made from the age of 30s, however, applications to eliminate contour disorders can be performed from the mid-20s.

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Professional Consultancy in the Frame of Aesthetic Filling Personalized Treatment Concept

Before the filling procedure, your plastic surgeon will consult you with all medical technology facilities. Your medical history is recorded, taken into account and examined. You will be informed about risks, complications, alternatives to the operation and costs by the professional team.

As BM Health Turkey family, we are here to be with you at every stage before and after the procedure.