Breast Reduction

In which cases should you consider breast reduction surgery?

  • If your breasts are large according to your general body structure
  • If you have heavy and saggy breasts with their nipples pointing down
  • One breast is bigger than the other
  • If you have back, neck and shoulder pain due to heavy breasts
  • If skin problems such as rash under the breast have started
  • If your bra straps leave deep marks on the shoulders
  • If your daily life is restricted because your breasts are big and heavy
  • If you are not at peace with yourself because your breasts are large.

If you have one of the above complaints, you may be a good candidate for aesthetic breast reduction surgery.

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Professional Counseling Within the Framework of Breast Reduction Personalized Treatment Concept;

Before breast reduction is performed, your plastic surgeon will consult you with all medical technology opportunities. Your medical history is recorded, taken into account and examined. The anesthesia team provides you with information about the procedure. You will be informed about risks, complications, alternatives to the operation and costs by the professional team.

As BM Health Turkey family, we are here to be with you at every stage before and after the procedure.