Cataract It is the blurring of the eye formed in the lens of the eye and the loss of transparency of the natural lens in the eye. The lens of the eye is behind the iris and pupil, which is located behind the transparent layer in the front of the eye. If the lens of the eye begins to blur, vision will be impaired because the passage of light will be blocked, and a change occurs in the composition of the lens formed by the cataract. The most well-known cataract is accidental. However, this type of cataract is seen at the age of 45 or even younger. The causes of cataract formation are age-related, as a result of heavy blows to the eye, formation of intraocular inflammation, diabetes, long-term use of cortisone, diabetes, drugs, eye injuries and other diseases. Sometimes, it can be seen in newborn babies with various metabolic diseases. Symptoms of cataract are the main problems such as sensitivity to light, blurred vision, difficulty in reading, double vision, deterioration in night vision, gradual decrease in vision, glare, fading colors and frequent changes in the number of glasses. When these and similar symptoms show, cataract surgery should be consulted and examined. Because these symptoms can be a sign of not only cataract disease, but also another disease. That’s why a detailed eye examination is always very important. Sometimes, because the cataract is small, no symptoms may be felt, because cataract is a slowly progressive disease. As it progresses, vision loss occurs. Sometimes, on the contrary, there may be situations such as better near vision. But this is temporary. Surgery for cataract disease should be performed with early diagnosis and diagnosis, before the patient’s clear vision is lost and his ability to work is weakened. Not all cataracts are the same, they usually form as clouding of the lens of the eye. In some, clouding first occurs in the lens of the eye and then spreads to parts of the entire lens.



CataractIt is not a condition that can be treated with glasses or any medication. This disease, which is generally more common as a result of aging, may also encounter problems such as graying of hair and increasing wrinkles. The reason for this is that the traumatized patient has been exposed to high levels of X-rays, smoking, congenital disorders and genetic factors. The treatment in the patient with cataract disease is by replacing the lens that has lost its transparency, and then replacing the lens with an artificial technique, allowing the patient to see well again. The decision of the patient to have surgery is determined by specialist surgeons as a result of the blurriness that he cannot do his daily work. Cataract medicinal drugs, Since eye drops and exercises cannot destroy it, the only way of treatment is to replace the clear lens in the eye with an intraocular lens. Since the success rate of cataract surgery is very high, patients should not hesitate to have this surgery, on the contrary, they should be examined immediately for early diagnosis.