Face Lift (Face Lift, Rhythidectomy)

As age increases, the effect of gravity, the negative effects of the sun on the quality of the skin, daily sters, sagging of the face, deep lines between the nose and the rim, on the forehead, between the eyebrows, on the lips around the eyes, bagging under the eyes, reduced cheek fullness, sagging tissue on the chin, neck It may cause wrinkles and deposits.

Facelift is a plastic surgery surgery in which the excess skin of the face is removed, the thin muscle layer under the skin is reshaped and repositioned, thus turning the above-mentioned process, or in other words, the “clock” back. It is usually applied in the 50s and 60s. It can be applied in the 70s as long as health allows.

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Face Lift: Professional Counseling Within the Framework of Personalized Treatment Concept;

Before the face lift is performed, your plastic surgeon will consult you with all medical technology possibilities. Your medical history is recorded, taken into account and examined. The anesthesia team provides you with information about the procedure. You will be informed about risks, complications, alternatives to the operation and costs by the professional team. As BM Health Turkey family, we are here to be with you at every stage before and after the procedure.