Jaw and Joint Disorders

Pain reflected on the face can be of a wide variety. One of the common causes of pain reflected in the eye area, anterior region of the ear, cheek muscles, under the chin and temples is the jaw joint (Temporomandibular Joint-TMJ). Symptoms such as sounds coming from joints, locking of the jaw, jaw shifting to one side while opening the mouth can be added to these pains.

The jaw joint is the structure that allows the lower jaw bone, which is the only movable bone in the facial bones, to be attached to the skull base and move. It plays a very important role in the relationship between the lower and upper jaw bones and the dental bite system. This complex joint structure; It becomes balanced and healthy with the harmonious functioning of many structures such as muscles, fibers, cartilage disc, relationship between lower and upper jaw bones. If this harmony is broken, the jaw joint is also disturbed.

Why Do Jaw Joint Disorders Occur?

Although jaw joint disease is generally a chronic disease; Sometimes, patient complaints may arise suddenly due to reasons such as difficult tooth extraction, traffic accident, impact, general anesthesia, intense stress. Due to the complex structure of the joint, its treatment should be performed by a multidisciplinary team of specialist dentists who have worked on this subject. It is very important that the maxillofacial surgeon, prosthodontist, orthodontist, otolaryngologist, psychologist and physical therapist work in coordination during the treatment process in order to reveal the cause of the patient’s pain and to perform its treatment.

What Are The Treatment Methods?

Among the non-surgical treatment options of the disease, there are alternatives such as stress therapy, joint plate, drug therapy, physical therapy; Permanent treatments such as orthodontic treatment and prosthetic restoration can be considered to eliminate the causes of the disease. Surgical treatments such as arthrosynthesis, arthroscopy, botox application and some joint operations are also available.