Kidney Transplant

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Kidney Transplant


As you know, people suffering from kidney insufficiency lose their living chances unless they get treatment. There are two options for these patients.

1-) Dialysis

2-) Kidney Transplant

The doctor decides what treatment the patient will have after speaking to the patient and their family. Dialysis makes the patient keep on living. But as it is a process in which machines are not able to function naturally like the organ and process is also troublesome and decreases the living quality to a critical extent, the best treatment method which should be preferred is a kidney transplant.


With kidney transplant;

The patient’s lifetime will be longer.

Living quality will increase.

The time patients waste with dialysis will be there.

Especially, restrictions with their diet will get out of the way.

Kidney transplant expenses are lower than dialysis.

Patients’ social and working lives will turn back to normal.


BM Health Care

A kidney transplant is taking the organ that will bring back the functions from a cadaver or a living donor and placing it to the patient who is in the last period of their disease.

In our country, kidneys are generally taken from living donors.

Transplants made with a kidney taken from a living donor are more successful. Particularly, patients’ immediate family like mother, father, and children, then the quarter-cousins can be living donors.