Liver Transplant

A liver transplant is done on patients that have acute and chronic insufficiency. The best-known treatment for liver insufficiency is a liver transplant.

With liver transplant surgery, patients are able to gain their health and go back to their active lives. Also, the success rate in liver transplant surgeries has increased in recent years.

With the development of surgical techniques and newfound medicines, patient’s recovery rate is high.

Nearly 100 liver transplant surgeries are done every year at Liver Transplant Center which was founded in our country, in 2004. Before and after processes are really important in these surgeries. The professional doctor team we work together that will carry through the surgery are experts, the operating room and the hospital are also full-fledged.

Our contractual hospital/s and experienced doctor team in BM Health Care that well-known in their field are doing the organ transplant surgeries from a cadaver or living being to a living being successfully and they’re also one of the best in their field.

Our medical team in BM Health Care will give you every needed service for you to have the true treatment and the care before the transplant procedure, through the procedure, and after the procedure.