Orthopedics and Traumatology

Lengthening Surgery; Finger, Arm, Leg and Length Extension Methods

How is normal height growth?

Lengthening occurs with bone formation in the growth plates located at the ends of the bones with the growth. Physiological elongation accelerates especially in puberty and is completed by the closure of growth plates around the age of 18. Growth plates usually close earlier in short stature.

How is the lengthening surgery performed?

By extending both legs at the same time with surgery, the leg length, in other words, the height is increased. Leg bones are opened surgically from the area close to the growth plates. It is extended 1mm per day with devices applied inside the bone or leg externally.

Are lengthening surgeries healthy?

Lengthening surgeries performed in accordance with the technique are a biological method that imitates natural elongation.

Can we regain our old health after the lengthening surgery?

You will regain your natural health after an operation performed according to the technique, followed and treated according to the technique in all stages and without permanent complications.

What is short finger, can the finger be extended?

One or more of the finger bones is short, and the short bone is lengthened and the short finger is also extended.

What is a short arm, can the arm be extended?

One or more of the bones of the arm is short. By lengthening the short bone, the arm is also extended and equalized.

Can the foot be extended?

Technically, the foot can be extended by lengthening the foot bones. However, it is a painful and inconvenient treatment and it is more appropriate to apply with very limited indications.

How long have bone lengthening surgeries been performed?

Bone lengthening surgeries have been performed for more than 50 years. During this period, although the process was more or less the same, there were changed methods and devices used.

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