Tube Stomach Surgery

The most common obesity surgery procedure today is sleeve gastrectomy and it is commonly known as “stomach reduction surgery”.

In tube stomach surgery, the stomach is turned into a long thin tube like a banana. Laparoscopically, that is, 80 percent of the stomach is cut out by closed surgery method. Thus, the food intake of the stomach is restricted. In addition, sleeve gastrectomy has a very low effect on food absorption.

The appetite of those who have tube stomach surgery is decreasing. In addition, insulin resistance is broken even before weight loss.

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Professional Consultancy in the Framework of Gastric Sleeve Special Treatment Concept

Before the Tube Stomach procedure is performed, specialist physicians provide consultancy with all medical technology facilities for you. Your medical history is recorded, taken into account and examined. The anesthesia team provides you with information about the procedure. You will be informed about risks, complications, alternatives to the operation and costs by the professional team.

As BM-Health Turkey family, we are here to be with you at every stage before and after the procedure.