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about us

Turkish Healthcare Services

BM Health Care Your Global Partners is a fast-growing medical assistance company in Turkey. We help International & Domestic patients in getting the most successful treatment experience at top private super-special hospitals in Turkey.

Our Mission

BM Health Care Your Global Partners will help patients from across the globe for the best health care decisions. We will continue helping patients to get the best hospitals and doctors who can treat the patient at an affordable cost.

Our Vision

To be the most well-known and trusted web-based friendly and innovative personalized healthcare advisor across the globe.

Core Values

Every member of our team is guided by the following core values:

  • Professionalism
  • Empathy
  • Knowledge
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Hospitality

We continuously strive to help our patients in the most effective way possible with full transparency and integrity.

Our Services

BM Health Care Your Global Partners provides the following services for patients for a smooth & successful treatment experience for international medical travelers in Turkey.

If you are an international patient looking for the best treatment in Turkey, we have good news for you. We provide you a free treatment plan & cost estimate from any of the best private hospitals in turkey to get the best treatment for your medical condition; since we are a team of Doctors, Specialists, Surgeons, and Hospitals. We will be able to advise you much better.

VISA Invitation Letter

For any treatment in Turkey, you need to travel on a medical visa. To get a medical visa, you need to have a visa invitation letter from one of the hospitals. After we confirm that you want to travel for a medical reason, we will ask you to send copies of the passport of the patient & attendant. We will then issue a Visa Invitation Letter from the hospital in which you are going to be treated. Then we sent to you a copy for attaching with your visa application,  and we also email the Embassy/consulate/High Commissioner in charge of Visa issuing.

PLEASE NOTE! BM Health Care Your Global Partners charges some percentage deposit from the Treatment Cost, which is for facilitating the visa invitation letter. Upon arrival, the rest of the treatment cost will be paid.

The fee is charged to ensure that a visa invitation letter is issued only to genuine candidates who are genuinely interested in traveling & taking treatment at the hospital.

Visa Assistance

The visa application process is a critical part of your travel planning. Any error in the process can get your application rejected. Our team will be there to assist you and give you directives for the required documents.

Airport pick-up & drop for International Patients

We arrange airport pickup and drop for all international patients from the hospital. This is to ensure that your safety and security are taken care of, right from your arrival. One of our team members will be present at the airport to receive you.

Language Interpreter

The standard language of communication in Turkey’s hospitals is Turkish. We generally provide free interpreter service in English, Arabic, Russian, French, Chinese, and many other languages depending on the patient’s required language.

Local Guidance & Assistance

Our patient support associates will be there to guide & assist you in all matters related to treatment during your stay. We can also assist you during local sightseeing shopping; however, this is subject to availability, patient health situation, and prior notice.




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